About Wheels

WHEELS is a program to make transportation change now.

  • Change that improves personal lives. 
  • Change that improves how we get where we’re going around South Florida. 
  • Change that requires no spending of tax dollars. 
  • Change that asks us only to consider more affordable, healthful, money-saving ways of getting around already in place and ready to use.


  • A series of videos, bike rides, train rides. 
  • A conference with really informed people about how South Florida will become America’s next great green mobility metro. 
  • Having your own personal mobility coach -- your own goombah, your own mentor -- to help you leave your car at home when Plan B will work better for you. 
  • About showers in the workplace and financial incentives to walk, bike and ride transit. 
  • All about self-empowerment.


In 2010, a report from the Office of the Governor on Transportation Alternative Strategies declared that “I-95 is overwhelmed with traffic demand.” In the five years since then, headlines have despaired that there’s NO WAY OUT. 

Yet green mobility already works well and will only get better.

  • Metrorail and Tri-Rail now allow riders to wheel their bikes on board free. 
  • Elevators in all Metrorail and Tri-Rail stations make getting to and from boarding platforms easy.
  • All Metrorail and Tri-Rail cars let riders park their bikes in set-aside places.
  • The 2.4-mile Orange Line now connects Miami International Airport to the 23-station Metrorail system.
  • All tri-county bus systems now provide free bike rack use.
  • Tri-county cities increasingly adopt Complete Streets programs that prioritize moving people instead of just moving cars.
  • Companies – more all the time -- are installing showers in the workplace. Ask your company to!  
  • By as soon as 2017, Tri-Rail will extend its route from its Metrorail Transfer Station direct to downtown Miami; by 2020, Tri-Rail will open its coastal link that will connect Jupiter with Miami. 

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